BOSS Ch Makaila's Mississippi Queen CGN

DOB - August 25, 2003

LRCC National 2007

River gets the first leg of her American CD
under Mr. Terry Gains

Can Ch Makaila's Mississippi Queen

CH Valleywood Blackthorn Brier

CH Chancellor Merry

Carromer's Mystery

Poolstead Pretentious at Rocheby

Carromer Glamour Girl

Ardmargha Good Fortune

Sandylands My Guy

Sandylands Fino Sherry of Ardmargha

Valleywood Ballad

CH Dickendall Arnold

Dickendall Ruffy

Dickendall's A-Ha

CH Valleywood Sonnet

Brighton Blackthorns Granguy

Valleywood Fiesta

CH Makaila's Going Solo

CH Makaila's Jake

CH Cedarwood's Master Gunner

CH Davoeg Silky Beau

Sailin's Cedarwood Pride

CH Whistlnwings Autumn Thunder WC CD

CH Monarch's Black Arrogance

OTCH FTCH CH Kenosee Jim Dandy WCX

Makaila's No Cash Here

Cedarwood Repeat Performance

CH Davoeg's Irish Gold CD

Cedarwood Standing Ovation

Cedarwood Makaila's Belle WC

CH Jolly Captain Gibson CD

Cedarwood Sierra Pride